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What are the different roles on the Watura platform?

On the Watura platform, each user has a role: "Administrator", "Manager" or "Learner". Each role gives access to different functions.

It is thus possible to build a tree structure that corresponds to your organisation in order to ensure better monitoring of learning.

Follow training courses
Access the "My training courses" dashboard
Access the catalogue of courses and itineraries
Download the catalogue in PDF format
Download training certificates✅ only for your team
Assign training courses✅ only for your team
Send a reminder email (with option to copy managers)✅ only for your team
Access the "My Team" learning data dashboard✅ only for your team
Export learning data in .xslx format✅ only for your team
Add / modify / delete user accounts
Add / modify / delete user groups

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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